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Enlivening Consciousness and Accelerating the Body’s Natural Healing Processes

Thomas Gates
Healing facilitator,
trainer, author

Helping people all over the world feel better and live healthier, happier lives!

The non-touch Healing Spectrums Sessions that emerged from my extensive near-death experience provide an effective pathway to
 greater health and well-being by rapidly increasing coherence within the 
physiology and accelerating the body’s natural healing processes.

During the sessions, Thomas is able to access a very coherent, expanded state of 
awareness whereby it is possible to view the subtlest layers of physiology.
 The coherence generated during the Healing Spectrums sessions reduces the
level of chaos in one’s physiology and uncovers the presence of subtle 
physical anomalies or “artifacts” within the body.

Releasing the Remnants of Trauma/Artifacts

These artifacts are not natural elements of the physiology but are the
 remnants of physical or emotional trauma. They often remain a subtle, yet powerful source for recurring pain, illness, discomfort, or emotional
 distress for many years. Their presence also limit one’s ability to 
experience the more fulfilling, expanded states of awareness that are 
possible for all human beings.

More About Thomas’
Near-Death Experience
As these artifacts are revealed and spontaneously released, the body’s
 inherent intelligence is enlivened and its natural healing processes are 
greatly accelerated. Simultaneously, individuals often experience a very
 deep state of silence followed by a more expanded, peaceful, and clear state 
of awareness.
Individuals have reported rapid and significant results in a wide range of
health issues, such as:

Neck and Back Pain • Sciatica • Physical Injury • Joint Inflammation • Tendonitis • Bronchial Disease • Post Surgery Pain and Recovery • Immune Deficiencies • Fibromyalgia • Emotional Distress • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder • and more…

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